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How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

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Electric bikes are becoming a popular mode of transportation for people who want to get around quickly and efficiently without the hassle of a car. But how fast can an electric bike actually go? With so many different models and specifications out there, it can be tough to get a straight answer.

At Base Mountain Sports, we’re passionate about outdoor recreation and have created this guide to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the speed of electric bikes. Whether you have experience as an electric bike rider or are just starting out, we will walk you through the various elements that influence an electric bike’s speed. We want to help you choose the right model for your needs. So let’s hit the road and explore the exciting world of electric bike speed together!

Are Electric Bikes Fast?

Yes, electric bikes are faster than regular bikes. Under normal circumstances, these innovative bikes reach an average electric bike speed of 20-28 miles per hour. The electric bike speed depends on the class of bike you own. Here is an overview of how fast each class of bike is:

Class 1 Electric Bikes

A Class 1 electric bicycle provides assistance only when the rider pedals. The Class 1 e-bike has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. This speed is good enough to make your commute more convenient.

Class 2 Electric Bikes

How fast can an electric bike go? A Class 2 e-bike has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Unlike Class 1 bikes, Class 2 electric bikes are throttle assisted. You can ride the class 2 e-bike without pedaling. This feature makes it a good choice for cyclists who need an effortless ride.

Class 3 Bikes

Class 3 e-bikes are designed for faster and more efficient commuting. This class of electric bikes has an electric bike speed of 28 miles per hour. They work similarly to Class 1 bikes, with the main difference being the high speed.

How Far Can Electric Bikes Go?

Most of the standard electric bikes can go up to 20 to 80 miles on a full charge. This distance depends on the battery capacity. For instance, e-bikes with a battery capacity of 750Wh can travel long distances on a single charge. On the other hand, bikes with a battery capacity of less than 750Wh can only travel short distances when fully charged.

Other factors that determine the distance a bike travels include:

  • The weight of the rider. The rider’s weight determines the distance a bicycle can travel on a single charge. For example, heavier riders can only travel short distances on a single charge. Because of the weight, your e-bike requires more battery power for propulsion.
  • Terrain. Your bike can travel long distances on flat terrain because it uses little power. In contrast, riding on hilly terrain or dirt roads will require more battery power, reducing the range.
  • Riding style. Your riding habit also determines the distance your bike can travel on a single charge. For instance, when you pedal the bike while the motor is running, you will travel farther on a single charge. In contrast, if you leave the motor running without pedaling, the battery will quickly run down faster.

How Fast Can you Legally Travel on an E-bike?

The legal speed limit for class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes is around 20 mph. Note, however, that this speed limit varies depending on local regulators. So before you ride an e-bike, check the local laws to know the correct limit.

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