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Mountain Biking in Beaver Creek & Vail, CO

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Updated: November 15, 2023

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this article:

  • Where to go for some of the best single-track mountain biking in Vail and Beaver Creek
  • What recreational trails offer great views for biking on paved paths
  • Where to go for Vail and Beaver Creek bike rentals

Set off on Your Biking Adventure

The Colorado Rockies call on every biking adventurer to take to the trails and pathways. With breathtaking views around every curve and up every hill, the scenery is a feast for the eyes. The uphill climbs get your heart pumping, while the downhill trail rides send it racing. There are plenty of opportunities for those who prefer to cruise along and enjoy the views at a comfortable pace.

There is no better way to enjoy a trip to the area than in the saddle. Biking in Beaver Creek and Vail provides endless opportunities to explore and absorb the beauty of the towns and surrounding mountains. Rent a bike and head out to the miles of biking trails or paved bike paths for a summer vacation and a vail sports adventure geared for any skill level or riding style. There is something here to please riders of any age.

Mountain Bike Trails with Incredible Views

Single-track enthusiasts will love the thrill of riding any one of the area’s miles of mountain biking trails. Beaver Creek and Vail in Colorado summers are made for two-wheeled adventure. The Vail mountain views, wildlife sightings, and wildflowers provide a stunning backdrop, and the dry mountain air is perfect for outdoor fun. We have bike options that suit riders of any skill level and any age, as well as accessories such as:

  • Helmets
  • Tag-a-longs
  • Bike trailers

At Base Mountain Sports, we want every visitor and resident in the area to have the opportunity to experience mountain biking in Vail.

Mountain Biking in Vail Resort and Beaver Creek Resort

Mountain biking Beaver Creek bike trails and Vail Mountain puts you in the thick of it all. The region boasts hundreds of trail miles. Whether you prefer the challenge of a steep climb or the joys of a casual ride, you can find your adventure on the MTB trails in this area. We’ve provided you with some options to start, but once you get a taste of riding these single-track trails, we’re sure you’ll be looking for more.

Bike Haul Options Available

The Colorado Rockies provide plenty of chances to work your quads and your lungs climbing up steep mountain inclines. If you’d rather save some of that energy for the rest of your ride, both Vail and Beaver Creek have options for bike haul tickets that take you and your bike to the top, so you can spend all your time enjoying thrilling downhill rides or pleasant recreational loops. Check out these bike-haul options in the area:

  • The Eagle Bahn Gondola in Vail
  • Gondola #1 in Vail
  • The Centennial Express Lift in Beaver Creek

These all land in areas where you can access a multitude of MTB trails.

Lee’s Way Down a Single-Track Point-to-Point Trail

This short but sweet single track takes you 0.9 miles downhill from Beaver Creek to Avon. When you reach Avon, you’ll meet up with the Singletree Connector.

Wilder Gulch Single-Track Trail Near Frisco

The Wilder Gulch trail is located near Frisco. The 2.8-mile trail begins at Vail Pass on the south side. You’ll enjoy colorful views of wildflowers if you hit this single track during the months of June and July. You can also cool off as you ride through the creek that crosses the trail.

Frisco 20 Loop Partial Single-Track With a Granny-Gear Climb

The Frisco 20 is a ride that falls just short of 20 miles. Park your car in one of the three available parking lots on the backside of town. From there, enjoy the easy start to your ride and prepare yourself for the lung-squeezing 3,000-ft climb on the Colorado Trail. Your granny gear will get a workout!

Mountain Meadow Loop Partial Single-Track Trail

This trail is near the town of Minturn. Its 10.3 miles of partial single-track takes you through beautiful meadows full of wildflowers, past a historic cabin, and down a trail through a forest thick with aspen trees.

Ride Paved Paths with Cruiser Bikes or Electric Bikes

Biking in Vail mountain areas isn’t just for mountain bikers. This county offers plenty of opportunities for those who prefer to cruise along on paved pathways. There are 58 miles of recreational trails in the county, so hop on your rental cruiser or electric bike and take it for a spin. Whether you’re headed out for a short ride or an all-day excursion, the paved trails in Vail and Beaver Creek do not disappoint.

Village Road Paved Trail

Riders of all skill levels will enjoy this 4.2-mile path near Avon and Beaver Creek. The summer season rewards riders with brilliant wildflower displays.

Gore Creek Valley Paved Trail

This trail is a pleasant 5-mile route between Dowd Junction and Vail Village. The path runs along a creek and through a couple of meadows, giving you plenty to look at while you ride.

Frisco to Vail 10-Mile Downhill Ride

For an adrenaline-inducing and downright fun ride while biking in Vail, give this 10-miler a try. It starts on Vail Mountain and ends at Copper Mountain. Unless you want to ride the whole way back up, we suggest booking a Vail Pass Shuttle. The really adventurous can ride the trail up and then coast all the way back down.

Eagle Valley Paved Trail

The Eagle Valley trail takes riders on an 11.5-mile route through residential neighborhoods and along the Eagle River. It begins in Edwards and follows Highway 6 down to the river.

Valley Pass Recpath

This recreational path is 14.4 miles long. It’s a fully paved trail that takes you between the Gore Creek Campground and Copper Mountain. You can begin your ride at either location, but make sure you park a second car at your destination if you ride in only one direction.

Glenwood Canyon Paved Recreation Trail

The Glenwood Canyon trail is also 14.4 miles long. It’s a gentle trail that is great for any skill level. It is an out-and-back trail, but you can turn around at any point. The path runs the length of the canyon and gives riders ample opportunity to take in the views, enjoy a picnic break, and dip their toes into the Colorado River.

When you’re in the Vail and Beaver Creek area, riding a bike allows you to cover a lot of ground while you take in the fresh air and natural beauty these mountains have to offer. Whether your ride of choice is a mountain bike, cruiser, or electric bike, you’ll have miles of trails to choose from. Base Mountain Sports has you covered for your Beaver Creek and Vail bike rentals. If you have any questions about our rentals, get in touch with us today using our online form or call us at (970)453-6405 to reserve your equipment.

Featured Image: Kyle T Perry/Shutterstock

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